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Broken Vessel's events are where everyone gets to come together, have fun, be creative, and find people with similar interests. So no matter if it's you, or you and some friends, we would love to see you!

Upcoming Events

  • Coloring, Puzzles & Nachos!
    Jun 09, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    Hannah's house, 540 Terrace Dr NE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124, USA
    Let's hang out! Bring your favorite beverages and chill for the welcome too!

If We're Low On Events...

Don't worry! We'll be updating it soon. Be sure to sign-up for our newsletter (at the bottom of the page) for new event releases! In the meantime, here's the type of activities you can expect to see:

Paint Supplies
Paint Night Event
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It's the night you've all been waiting for! Whether you're great at art or want to give it a shot, we'd love to have you. Don't worry, it will be a judgement free space! These events usually are free or have a nominal fee to cover supplies. Whether it's just you or you and a whole group of friends, it will be lots of fun. These nights include (but are not limited to):

  • Ceramic Painting Nights

  • Paint & Wine Nights

  • Plant Potting Nights

  • Family Cookie Decorating

If you would like to stay up-to-date on new creative nights, sign-up for our newsletter! Submit your email at the bottom of the page.

Kintsugi Bowl
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Want to learn something new? Want to create a one of a kind piece of work? In our workshops, you will be taught by someone with experience and knowledge in creative fields that are truly unique and enjoyable. These sessions can take anywhere from an hour to a full afternoon. Most of these gatherings are free or have a low cost fee for supplies. Workshops may include:

  • Kintsugi Crafting

  • Wood Burning

  • Wood Crafting/Carpentry

  • Stained Glass Work

  • Mosaic Tiling

  • Paper Coiling/Quilling

  • Dancing

  • Home Décor

If you would like to stay up-to-date on new workshops, sign-up for our newsletter! Submit your email at the bottom of the page.

Gala Event
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We can't have a good, fun and enriching community without some good parties and fun events! Our events range from outrageous bingo nights to supporting our community's  creative work through art galleries. With excitement in the air it's easy to join in, and we'd love to have you. Here are some (but not all) of the popular events we host:

  • Annual Art Gallery

  • Garden Parties

  • Dress-Up Bingo Nights

  • Puzzle Nights

If you would like to stay up-to-date on new special events, sign-up for our newsletter! Submit your email at the bottom of the page.

Group Selfie
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What do you do for fun? Well, you're not alone! Broken Vessel loves offering spaces that bring people together. So whatever your hobby may be, let's do it together. Some of the groups already started are:

  • War Hammer

  • Knitting/Crocheting

  • Gardening

If these interest you, find the group events above and sign up. However, we know there could be more groups like this. If you have an idea for a gathering, we'd love to partner with you to build and lead it! Send an email to Jeanne (Broken Vessel's leader) at and we'll work with you on the details.

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