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About Us

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Our Mission

Community feels hard to come by these days, and Broken Vessel feels it too. It's sometimes difficult to find a group or a place where you have common ground with others. That's why we're creating space for people to connect in creative ways. Join us in creating community, and while you're at it create something new!

What We Do

Broken Vessel helps people connect with one another. Our non-profit organization unites people who have similar creative interests by offering free (or low cost) events for these activities. We host, lead, and partner with you to lead events in the Albuquerque metro area. Whether you want to learn how to knit, show us what you know about pottery, or try something new, we want to connect with you and connect you with others.

Family Pottery Class

Meet The Team


Leader of Broken Vessel

"Broken Vessel was an idea born through my personal trauma at the age of 29. Pottery became my therapy and my work let me see my worth when asked to put it on display. EVERYONE has a talent hidden inside. Everyone is beautiful, unique and worthy! Let's shine together!"

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"I love being a part of  Broken Vessel! Being involved in connecting people with a community of acceptance and love is very rewarding."



"Broken Vessel is where messy individuals are welcome! We all face different seasons in our lives and our hope is to build a community of love and acceptance through creative connections that will bring encouragement and healing. it's very exciting to be a part of Broken Vessel and I look forward to seeing this community grow!"


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